Heranba Industries Limited an agrochemical company in India

Success story of HERANBA finds its root in 1996

When technocrats, Mr. Sadashiv K Shetty & Mr. Raghuram K Shetty formed a company, with an objective of providing innovative products to farmers to maximise their farm output, this is achieved by its research and product development divisions, where “Chemistry is at its best”.

HERANBA’s mission is to improve Crop Productivity and Public Health. It is committed to the wellness of world citizens.

Heranba is manufacturers of Synthetic Pyrethroids and its intermediates in India. It has a wide network of business in India as well as in world market with a phenomenal growth rate year after year.

We produce advance agro-chemical solutions based on specially developed technology. Our Public Health products are supplied in both Government Tenders and to Pest control companies.

We have fully equipped in house laboratory with all the laboratory equipment’s such as HPLC’s, GC’s, Polarimeters, Particle size Analysers, Spectrophotometers and other conventional lab equipment’s.

We have expertise on all the key chemical reactions on commercial scales. Presently engaged in the following processes:

  • Ammonolysis
  • Esterification
  • Hydrolysis
  • Condensation
  • Favorski Reaction
  • Isomerisation
  • Cyanation
  • Friedel Crafts
  • Methoxylation
  • Cyclisation
  • Halogenation
  • Sulphonation

Our Social Responsiblity

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