Description :

A herbicide for annual grass weed control in a range of crops including wheat, triticale and rye

Chemical Name :

prop-2-ynyl (R)-2-[4-(5-chloro-3-fluoro-2-pyridyloxy) phenoxy]propionate

CAS Registry No. :


Structural Formula :

Sr. No 1 (Technical Product Write up)

Specification :

A.I. content by mass : 94% Min.
Moisture content : 97.00%(w/w) Min.

Formulations :

WP, EC or as per customer’s specific requirement

Compatibility :

Compatible with many common pesticides

Toxicity :

Mammalian Toxicity : Acute oral LD50 for rats 1829 mg/kg, mice >2000 mg/kg
Environmental Toxicity : Acute oral LD50 for mallard ducks >2000 mg/kg and bobwhite quail >1455 mg/kg

Shelf Life :

Two years under normal storage conditions.

Packaging :

Technical Grade : HDPE liner sacks of capacity upto 25 kg, further packed into MS drums
Formulations :