Heranba has fully integrated and modern manufacturing facilities with an In-house R&D facility for product development and process intensification. All our facilities are situated in the industrial belt of “Vapi”, which is a prime Industrial Township in Gujarat, at a distance of 180 km from Mumbai. These facilities offer a range of Crop Protection and Public Health solutions.

Heranba has three independent manufacturing units. Two of these units are are involved in production of various Technicals and intermediates, while the third plant is purely a Formulation and Packing facility.

Unit 1

This is the first manufacturing facility of Heranba manufacturing technical grade Synthetic Pyrethroids like Cypermethrin, Deltamethrin, Alphacypermethrin and Permethrin, alongwith other products like Glyphosate, Acephate, Imidacloprid, Profenophos, Temephos, Clodinofop Propargyl, Tricyclazole, Thiamethoxam, Lambdacyhalothrin, Bromobenzene, Metaphenoxy Benzaldehyde (MPBD), Metaphenoxy Benzyl Alcohol (MPBAL)

Unit 2

This plant manufactures high quality derivatives of Cypermethric Acid Chloride as per customer’s requirement. Cypermethrin and Alphacypermethrin Technical are also manufactured in this plant

Unit 3

Heranba’s ISO 9001: 2015 certified unit with modern formulation and Packing facility capable of handling large capacities of liquid, Powders and Granules. It specialises in various formulations such as EC, SC, CS, FS, WP, WDG and Granules and many more formulations to cater to the Indian market as well as for export.

Our formulation manufacturing & packing capabilities are :

  • Liquid Formulations & Packing
  • Powder Formulations & Packing
  • Granular Formulation & Packing
  • Suspensions concentrate formulation & Packing.
  • Capsulated Suspension formulation & Packing
  • Flowable Concentrate for Seed treatments & Packing


All the units have fully equipped and independent Quality Control laboratories to check the quality of Input materials, In-Process materials and finished goods. Our laboratories are equipped with sophisticated equipments like HPLC, Gas chromatograph, UV spectro-photometer, Moisture Analyser, Bursting Strength Analyser. Our Quality Control Laboratories are in the process of acquiring accreditation from the NABL.


Heranba recognizes the requirement for the highest level of support in product research, development and registration. We are constantly striving towards developing a cost effective process for manufacturing of Active Ingredients and Intermediates for Herbicides,, Insecticides & Fungicides and to develop new formulations of Crop protection products. The company has a state-of-the-art R&D center and a pilot plant Our Formulation Development Lab has been set up with Lab Scale equipments like: Bead Mill, Air Jet Mill, Extruders, Fluidized Bed Dryer and many more. The facility fulfils the requirement for Organic Synthesis as well as Formulation Development.

We have well qualified team of research personnel and scientists working for the continuous improvement of existing products and the development of new product.