Description :

Methamidophos is systemic insecticide and acaricide with contact & stomach action, absorbed by the roots and leaves.
Control of chewing and sucking insects and spider mites on ornamentals, potatoes, pome fruit, stone fruit, citrus fruit, vines, hops, brassicas, beet, cotton, maize, tobacco and other crops.

Chemical Name :

O,S-dimethyl phosphoramidothioate

CAS Registry No. :


Structural Formula :

Specification :

Appearance : Clear colorless to pale yellow viscous liquid
Methamidophos content : 73.00%(w/w) Min.
Acidity (as H2SO4) : 1.20% (w/w) Max.
Moisture content by Karl fisher method : 0.10% (w/w) Max

Formulations :

SL or as per customer’s specific requirment

Compatibility :

Incompatible with alkaline material

Toxicity :

Mammalian Toxicity : Acute oral LD50 for rats 20 mg/kg
Environmental Toxicity : Acute oral LD50 for mallard ducks 29.5 mg/kg

Shelf Life :

Two years under normal storage conditions.

Packaging :

Technical Grade : 250kg UN approved HM HDPE drums.
Formulations : 250 kg HMHDPE drums.