Description :

Permethrin is a synthetic pyrethroid non-systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action, having a slight repellent property. It is also used for insect control in animal houses and in public health, for ectoparasite control on animals and as a wool preservative.

Chemical Name :

3-phenoxybenzyl (1RS,3RS;1RS,3SR)-3-(2,2-dichlorovinyl)-2,2-dimethylcyclopropanecarboxylate

CAS Registry No. :


Structural Formula :

Specification :

Appearance : Light yellow to brown viscous liquid
Permethrin content : 92.00% (w/w) Min.
Cis-Trans ratio : 25:75 or 40:60 or as per requirment
Acidity (as H2SO4) : 0.30% (w/w) Max.
Moisture content by Karl fisher method : 0.20% (w/w) Max.
m-Phenoxy benzaldehyde : 2.00% (w/w) Max.

Formulations :

Emulsifiable concentrates 25%,50% w/w or as per Customer’s specific requirment

Compatibility :

Compatible with most of insecticides and fungicides. Mixing with calcium nitrate is not recommended

Toxicity :

Mammalian Toxicity : WHO classification: class II “Moderately hazardous”.
Environmental Toxicity : Permethrin is toxic to fish. Under field conditions, it is non-toxic to bees and earthworms.

Shelf Life :

Two years under normal storage conditions.

Packaging :

Technical Grade : 25 kg,50 kg & 200 kg UN approved MS Lacquered drums
Formulations : EC: 200Lit in UN approved M.S. Lacquered Drums.