Description :

Profenofos is an organophosphate insecticide. Profenophos is used on cotton and vegetables such as maize, potato, soybean, and sugar beet to control Cotton MealyBug, cabbage caterpillar, Plutella xylostella and asparagus caterpillars, as well as against wheat and cabbage aphids

Chemical Name :


CAS Registry No. :


Structural Formula :

Specification :

Appearance : Yellow to light brown viscous liquid
Profenophos content : 95.00%(w/w) Min.
Acidity (as H2SO4) : 0.50% (w/w) Max.
Moisture content by Karl fisher method : 0.20% (w/w) Max
Acetone Insoluble Matter : 0.15% (w/w) Max

Formulations :

EC or as per customer’s specific requirement

Compatibility :

Incompatible with alkaline material

Toxicity :

Mammalian Toxicity : Acute oral LD50 for male rats 358mg/kg and rabbits 700 mg/kg
Environmental Toxicity : LC50 for mallard ducks 150-612 PPM

Shelf Life :

Two years under normal storage conditions.

Packaging :

Technical Grade : 25 kg, 50 kg and 200kg UN approved MS composite drums.
Formulations : EC:200Lit in UN approved M.S. Lacquered Drums.