Description :

Hexaconazole is systemic fungicide with protective and curative actions. Controls many fungal diseases, particularly those caused by Ascomycetes & basidiomycetes on apples, vines, coffee and Cercospora spp. On groundnuts.

Chemical Name :


CAS Registry No. :


Structural Formula :

Specification :

Appearance : White to off white powder
Hexaconazole content : 92.00%(w/w) Min.
Acidity ( as H2SO4) : 1.00% (w/w) Max.
Moisture content by Karl fisher method : 1.00% (w/w) Max
Acetone Insoluble Matter : 0.50% Max (w/w)

Formulations :

SC, SG, OL, EC or as per customer’s specific requirment

Compatibility :

Compatible with many common pesticides

Toxicity :

Mammalian Toxicity : Acute oral LD50 for male rats 2189 mg/kg and for female rats 6071 mg/kg
Environmental Toxicity : Acute oral LD50 for mallard ducks >4000 mg/kg

Shelf Life :

Two years under normal storage conditions.

Packaging :

Technical Grade : 25kg & 50 kg UN approved Fiber drums.
Formulations : EC:-200 lit MS lacquer drums, SC: 200 kg HM HDPE Drums.