Trade Name : EAGLE

Technical Name : MALATHION 50% EC

Mode of Action : Non systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action.

Crop Common name of the Pest Dosage / ha
Paddy Rice Hispa 1150
Sorghum Earhead midge 1000
Pea Pod borer 1500
Soybean Leaf weevil 1500
Castor Jassids 1500
Semi looper 2000
Sunflower White fly 1000
Bhindi Aphid 1000
Jassids, 1250
Spotted Boll  Worm 1500
Brinjal Mites 1500
Cabbage Mustard aphid 1500
Cauliflower Head borer 1500
Radish Stem borer 1500
Turnip Tobacco caterpillar 1200
Tomato White fly 1500
Apple Sanjose scale, Wooly aphid 1500-2000
Mango Mealy scale, Mango hooper 2250-3000
Grape Beetle 1000
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