Trade Name : FINOX

Technical Name : Oxyflourfen 23.5% EC

Mode of Action : Selective contact herbicide, absorbed more readily by the foliage than by the roots, with very little translocation.

Approved Crops Weed species Dosage /ha
Rice (Direct sown as pre-emergence) Echinochloa sp. Cyperus iria, Eclipta alba, 650-1000
Tea Digiteria, Imperata, Paspalum, Borreria hispida, 650-1000
Onion Chenopodium album, Amaranthus viridis, 425-850
Potato Chenopodium ,Coronpus Trianthema, Cyperus, Heliotropium 425-850
Groundnut Echinochloa colonum Digitaria arginata 425-850
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