Trade Name: HERAZIM

Technical Name: Carbendazim 50% WP

Mode of Action: Systemic fungicide with protective and curative action.

Crop Common name of the disease Dosage /ha
Paddy Blast 250-500 gm
Sheath blight 2 gm/ kg seed
Aerial phase 250-500 gm
Wheat Loose smut 2 g/kg seed
Barley Loose smut 2 gm/kg
Tapioca Set rot 1 gm
Cotton Leaf spot 250
Jute Seedling blight 2 gm/kg seed
Groundnut Tikka leaf spot 225 gm
Sugar beet Leaf spot 200 gm
Powdery mildew 200 gm
Peas Cluster Powdery mildew 250 gm
Beans Powdery mildew 350 gm
Cucurbits Powdery mildew 300 gm
Anthracnose 300 gm
Brinjal Leaf spot 300 gm
Fruit rot 300 gm
Apples Scab 2.5 gm
Grapes Anthracnose 300 gm
Walnut Downy leaf spot 3 gm
Rose Powdery mildew 1 gm
Ber Powdery mildew 10 gm
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