Brand Name: Mantra Gel

Active Ingredient: Imidacloprid 2.15 % Gel


Mantra Gel is a new technology product, specific for cockroach control. The unique application method make it a suitable product for managing cockroaches in vending machine. Mantra Gel contains imidacloprid 2.15 % as the active ingredient and food bait matrix which attracts the cockroaches. Mantra Gel has to be applied by the unique applicator gun and needle. Mantra Gel has attractant that lures cockroaches ensuring its consumption which kills cockroaches.

For an effective control, apply 3 to 4 gel spots / sq. cm.area and each gel spot with 3-5 min diameter in size. If cockroaches are seen reapply gel. Do not apply in areas which are frequently washed.

Pack Sizes : Cartridges 35 gm

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