Heranba Rat Kill is a single dose anticoagulant rodenticide. It controls filed andcommensal rates when consumed by causing hemorrhage in the blood system.Place the cake and the burrows and at places frequented by Rodents and oneapplication provides good control. Pre-baiting is not necessary. It containsBromadiolone 0.005% as an active ingredient.

Heranba Rat Kill dose not act as instant poison, thereby eliminating the entirecolony of rats. A single rat after feeding on the first day dies on the 4th or 5th daydepending on the intake. The internal bleeding due to the failure of producingvitamin K leads to loss of blood and hemorrhages leading to death.

Heranba Rat Kill cake is recommended in paddy, wheat,gram, groundnut, sugarcane, coconut, residential premisesand poultry farm for field rat and house rat..

ANTIDOTE : Vitamin K If swallowed, induce vomiting administer. Repeat if necessary.

PACK SIZE : The product shall be available in 25 gm and 100 gm pouches.

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