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Termifinn-TC is an insecticide, effective for termite control. For use in pre and post construction, anti termite treatments.


  • Its controls termites by contact action and provides knockdown effect.
  • Is safe and environment friendly product.
  • Provides double protection by acting as repellent barrier and also kills live live termites.
  • Is tolerant to pH variation. It can be applied to acidic as well as alkaline soil.


Contact and stomach action.


(1) Pre and post construction. Termifinn-TC shall be applied at 0.05% a.i. concentration. i.e. 20.00ml formulated product diluted in 1 liter of water for the control of termites in building during pre and post construction. Treatment should be as per IS 6310 (Part-2):2001 for pre construction chemical treatment and IS 6313 (Part-3):2001 for post construction treatment of the existing building.
(2) Recommendation for use of control of wood borer (Powder Post Be btle) in plywood,veneer and wood:

Plywood Glue Line Poisoning Dipping 10g/cubic meter of wood
0.025% Solution
400ml formulation per cubic meter of wood
Mix 1 lit of formulation in 99 lit of water to make 0.025% Solution
Venner Dipping 0.025% Solution Mix 1 lit of formulation in 99 lit of water to make 0.025% Solution
Wood Dipping/Brushing 0.025% Solution


1 Ltr,5 Ltr,20 Ltr and 200 Ltr.

Pre construction Anti-termite treatment

Treatment for Masonry Foundations & Basements STEP :

STEP:1 Bottomand sides of trenches

  • After digging the pit
  • Treat bottom surface & sides of excavations made from masonry foundation & basements
  • Treat with Termifinn-TC to aheight of 300 mm.
  • At adose rate of 5 ltr/ Sq.mtr.

STEP:2 :BackfillinImmediate contact with foundation wall

  • After masonryfoundation & the retainingwallof the basement is built.
  • The backfillin the immediatecontact withthe foundation tobetreatedwith TermifinnTC.
  • Trea!Termifinn-TC @ 7.5ltr /sq.mtr.of the

STEP:3 :Top Surface & Plinthfllllng

  • The top surface of the consolidated earthwithin plinth walls shall then be treated.
  • TrealTermifinn-TC @ 5 ltrI sq.mtr. of the surface before thesand bed orsubiJrade islaid.

Treatment of RCC Foundations: Treatment should start ala depth of 50 cmbelow groundleveltreatwithTermifinn-TC @ 7.5 ltrI sq.mtr.

Post construction Anti-termite treatment

  • Soil treatment along external perimeter of building : Ear tha long the external walls of the building should be rodded at inter vals of 15 cm and to a depth of 30 cm exposing the foundation wall surface. Termifinn-TC solution should be poured along the wall @ 7.5 ltr per sq.mtr. Of vertical
  • Treatment of soil under apron along external perimeter of Building : Top surface of the earth over which the apron is to be laid shall be treated with Termitinn-TC solution @ 5 Ltr/ sq. mtr.of the vertical surface.
  • Treatment of soil under floor : To prevent entry of termites from cracks,soil under floor should be treated.Drill 12mm holes at the junction of floor and wall at30 cm interval to reach the soil below.Squirt the Termifinn-TC solution@ 1ltr per hole and seal.
  • Treatment of voids in masonry : The movement of termites through masonry walls may be restricted by drilling holes in masonry wall at about 45° angle preferably from both sides of the plinth wall at 30 cm interval and squirt the chemical in hole still refusal and seal the holes.
  • Treatment of Upper Floors : In case of infestation in upper floors,treat ground floor of the existing building as described above.